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Happy Customers

We were very happy to receive this lovely message and pictures today from one of our friendly customers.
“I wanted to let you all know how much we (my husband and I) love our new quilt.  It is so beautiful!
We live in a log house in the hills outside of Fairbanks, Alaska.  We have snow on the ground for almost 3/4 of the year. We have already had our first snow this season, and the leaves are still yellow on the trees. We also don’t see the sun very much in the winter because we are so close to the Arctic Circle.  For much of the year, when we look out our windows, all we see is white snow and darkness.  I wanted a quilt for our bed that would make us feel like the sun was still shining and this colorful quilt certainly does that.  And it is warm to sleep under, too. 
I’m attaching two photos for you to see the quilt in its new home in our bedroom.  I am sure we will enjoy it for many years to come. 
Thank you so much for your lovely handiwork!
Susan & Steve S
new quilt 131   new quilt 133

Outreach Programme

We’re very happy to share with you a few glimpses of the new stitching centre at Gangol Panditwari. The very first Outreach programme by Stree Shakti started in this village nearby, is progressing successfully. 
P1050782 - Copy

Bimla Mamgain, one of our older and more experienced workers, has taken charge of this new center, having become the second trainer.

P1050798 - Copy

The number of women artisans has increased to 30. The women are coming to the centre to attend the training regularly. Having learnt the skills of applique, patchwork and embroidery, they are now able to make products like hot pads, Hot water bottle covers and cushions covers.

P1050829  IMG_8818

Hi I’m Katie!

Hi my name is Katie and I’ve just joined Stree Shakti as a volunteer. I’m going to be here for 8 months and I’m really excited about it.


I come from Loch Ness which is in the north of Scotland and is famous for its legendary monster which I caught a glimpse of when I was at school. This is my first trip to India so everything’s a bit new to me right now.

I studied Textile Design for 4 years in the UK, after I graduated I worked for my University’s Student Union for 2 years after being in the same place for so long I needed a big change.

I had looked at the Monsoon Accesorize Trust’s projects before and decided that volunteering my time for one of the charities they worked with was the next step for me. The Monsoon Accesorize Trust supports some amazing charities and it was hard for me to narrow it down and pick the best one for me, after some research I decided that Stree Shakti in the village of Purkal was what I was looking for. With the beautiful green surroundings of the Himalayas and the ethos behind the work they did I jumped at the opportunity and now only a few months later, I am here.

Stree Shakti has a relaxed but hardworking atmosphere and I am enjoying getting stuck into designing for the 2014/15 collection, I have also started working on boosting the projects online presence. Everyone here is very welcoming and I feel so at home even though I am thousands of miles away from Scotland. Katie xx

Handmade notebooks

Have a look at our latest movie showing off some of our new range of handmade notebooks with unique designs and handmade covers (the voice-over is one of our very own designers!).
You can order yours by contacting us via email or phone and we’ll be adding them to our online store very soon.

Youth leaders from PYDS challenging the problem of domestic violence

2 of the students, Manisha Thakur (Class 9) and Mansi Chettri (Class 10),  from our sister organisation PYDS have progressed to the third stage of five of a youth leadership competition which is nationwide. The subject of their work is domestic violence which is recognised as a serious problem throughout India and particularly within the rural village communities like ours.
So to raise awareness and overcome this issue the girls first staged a play in some of the nearby villages so that domestic violence would become a talking point as currently many people do not even discuss it. The play was written by the girls and performed by other students of PYDS. Following this there was a discussion time when several of our women shared their own stories and those of their friends of domestic violence. It was an emotional time. The girls had also written a pledge for everyone to sign. And finally the girls gave out the number of the Uttarakhand police helpline for women, this helpline is also staffed by women.
P1060886   P1060844   P1060850   P1060861
We are very grateful to Manisha and Mansi for performing the play for us and for bringing the communities attention to this terrible problem. We also wish them well in the youth leadership competition. You can find out more about the work they’ve been doing by visiting their blog here