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Welham Girls School Founders Day

It was a beautiful sunny morning on Saturday so Maneesha, Sandy and Katie were happy to spend it outside selling to the students and parents of Welham Girls School to celebrate their 56th Founders Day. We had a great day and the girls loved our products buying lots of notebooks, bunting and pencil cases. We are already looking forward to going back next year – this time we will bring lots more bunting!

A sneak peek in our workshop!

While some of the Stree Shakti team are away working at the Dastkar Nature Bazaar and Vanity Fair exhibitions promoting our work, the workshop is still a hive of activity. Here are some pictures of the ladies doing what they are famous for, creating beautiful quilts.

IMG_20131019_010227 IMG_20131019_011450 IMG_20131019_011156
If you want to see more of the workshop and our products why don’t you come and visit us at Village Purkal, Dehradun, Uttarakhand. We will be happy to show you around and intoduce you to the craftswomen behind our products.

Cosy Gifts

As the temperatures in the UK dips below 5 degrees, Katie our volunteer designer is thinking of gifts to send to her friends and family to keep them warm over the winter months. Luckily we have a large range of hot water bottle covers which make the perfect present for the people close to you living in colder climates. Here are Katie’s 3 favourite designs. 

IMG_20131017_124042  IMG_20131017_123940  IMG_20131017_123525
                                          Check the full range out here in our catalogue.


It all starts with a simple sketch

Here at Stree Shakti we have two full time designers Maneet and Akshi working hard to make all our products look perfect. Each designer has a different process and this week Katie our volunteer has made a photo journal of how she designs and how Stree Shakti collections emerge from simple sketches to the finished products you buy.After discussing what could be a good addition to our range of products, Katie decided to design a bib to go with our already popular baby range with the hope of extending it to booties and making a new born baby gift pack. These new products will hopefully be available in 2014. Until then check out our Catalogues and Facebook for all of our current colllection.

1. After considering various different options and researching all the different shapes of bib -who knew there were so many! I started sketching ideas and developing the best options for the first Stree Shakti bib.
2. After settling on a simple shape with cotton ribbon for around the neck, I made one final sketch to convey the design to the other designers.
3. The next step is making a pattern so that the skilled artisans can get the correct size and shape of the product.
4. Choosing the final fabrics was no easy task there are so many beautiful block print patterns I kept changing my mind. I finally selected 6 fabrics to make up the patchwork bib.
5. The first prototype is now being made and I cannot wait to see the final product – it is my favourite part of the whole design process…..that is until I notice something that needs changed and I have to go back to the development stage.
Keep a look out for the final designs on sale in 2014.


Coming to an exhibition near you!

This October you will be able to find us at various exhibitions all over India.
Our two biggest include Vanity Fair on the 19th and 20th in Chandigarh and Nature Bazaar from the 18th-27th in New Delhi.
There will be a large selection if our classic products and also our new A/W 2013 collection. Please browse our Catalogues and Facebook for a sneak peak of of all the beautiful quilted creations you will find at our stalls this winter.
IMG_20130926_112622  IMG_20131015_105201  IMG_20131015_105338  IMG_20131003_102100
If you have seen something you like

and can’t make it along to any of our exhibitions.
You can contact us with any questions or
make an order and we will send your
stree shakti products to you.

Fair Trade Convention 2013

Stree Shakti attended the Fair Trade Forum India National Convention 2013. It was held on the 4th and 5th of Oct, at the YMCA, New Delhi. This year our very own Manisha Pun (artisan turned design assistant) got a chance to speak about her experiences here and her understanding of Fair Trade. This was a very proud moment for us!
It was a wonderful opportunity to interact with all the different members of Fair Trade forum-India and learn from their experiences.

With a lot of focus on the promotional strategies for the coming years, we were also exposed to the procedure and benefits of membership with the World Fair Trade Organisation by the President, Mr. Rudi Dalvai himself. 

It was followed by very interactive workshops on Marketing and Brand Building and Membership and Alliance building.

 We’re back with a lot of new ideas and strategies and pledge to make India a Fair Trade Country soon! 
Manisha addresses the FTFI audience
Group photo of FTFI delegates


One of the workshops

A new member in our family

Hi my name is Akash, and I have just joined Stree Shakti as a marketing manager. My experience so far is motivating me to stay for long, at least till I can serve the purpose of me staying here, which is to serve the under-served. 


I have spent 26 years of my life in New Delhi where all the facilities are available at your doorstep, however, as I have always wanted to take challenges in life, I decided to build my own work field, and keeping that in mind I shifted to a smaller city comparatively. Other than this reason, Dehradun’s lush green and healthy environment pulled me here. 

While I was searching for options to work, fortunately, got a call from Stree Shakti. After coming here and watching these energetic women working so hard to mark their capabilities, I was all set to work as a helping hand to them. The vision Stree Shakti has was strong enough to make me devote myself in converting these women’s efforts into rewards, they deserve. 

I have worked for Multi-nationals where you get things ready on your plate and you have to do nothing to make things happen, however here in Stree Shakti, being an NGO, efforts are required on every stage to push the tasks towards completion, and the best part is, I enjoy doing that. I have so much to learn, so much to explore, I would not have got anywhere else, I believe.

Stree Shakti gives, these women from the villages in the foothills of Himalayas, a platform to convert their dreams into reality. These women , of-course, have one big dream throughout their life of being independent and an active house runner, and that happens here, at Stree Shakti, and when I am a part of the machinery, I feel honoured. As my association is just a few days old, I have not done much yet, but every day I put efforts just to keep the system running. If you have great mentors to direct your efforts in a right way, you can do wonders, and I believe I will do wonders here as my mentor is Mrs. Chinni Swamy herself, with all her supercharged gesture every day, she guides me the right way.
I am excited to see what all has to come my way, being here. 




Visit of a Celebrity….

Almost every day we have guests coming in, buying our products, praising our vision and work, however this time it was a different experience all together, we had a visit by the famous Celebrity, Mrs Ratna Pathak, well known for her role as Mrs Sarabhai on a television program.
2013-10-07 14.35.12_resized

She was excited to see how we work, so we took her to our production area, and after watching our women working with so much passion, she could not wait to see our stock. She was taken to our Display Centre where our entire product range is available for sale. She was very happy and impressed to see our products, and the quality of handwork.

Page 22c
She spend some time interacting with our women and enjoyed sharing her views. The exclusive work in the Madhubani range caught her special attention. Looking at our products she chose to buy a Happy Birthday baby quilt, which she wanted to gift to her friend’s son on his birthday.