Help a woman to earn through life

At any given time, two training groups of 20 women each are training with our Society. Not only is this training free, it is also subsidized with a monthly payment given to the women. We have been running this Programme for quite some time now and as a result there are currently 140 women working with us through their Self Help Groups and benefitting from this initiative.
We have been attempting to raise funds for this service that we provide without significant success. We therefore decided that we would appeal to individuals to sponsor one or more women for training. This is not an ongoing commitment from year to year but a onetime sponsorship of a lady.

The cost of training a woman comes to Rs. 12,300/. Once a woman is trained for six months she starts earning Rs. 1,500 per month and in a year’s time takes home about Rs.5, 000 every month. With committed time she could earn up to Rs. 10,000 a month after 24 months of experience.
A small contribution of Rs 12,300/ USD 205/ GBP125 will pave the way for a poor woman into becoming a regular contributor to her family. More importantly she becomes a Self-respecting and respected earning member. This boosts her self-esteem and standing in the community – a consideration so important to empower her.
Further, we are planning to train a group of 30 women at Jhari Pani, a new Centre that we are commencing near Mussorie, from August onwards. The training of these women will also cost but we are hoping to get this programme funded by a Foundation.
Please help a woman to become self-reliant by paying just Rs.12300/ USD 205/ GBP125

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