As the name Stree Shakti suggests women possess immense energy and power but these lie suppressed in most of them. Only when a woman realizes her potential, she is able to achieve great strength and consequently becomes capable of bringing about a social change without compromising the culture and traditional values. Likewise when she starts using that energy, she’s respected by her family and community. Fulfilling the educational needs of her children and improvement in nutrition and health of the family. As an equal partner in the running of the household, she confidently addresses social evils such as female infanticide, unplanned population growth and environmental pollution which leads into a better governance of the community as well.

To transform suppressed rural women into confident leaders, so that they can bring about social change. Apart from earning a steady income, they should tend a caring family. Eventually they should be able to manage a business and govern it with good practices.


This society aims to help the village women realize and manifest their full potential, thus helping them blossom. The woman needs to emerge as the pivot of her household and a leader in her community. With her well earned income she attains economic independence. She needs to be skilled in the various aspects of managing her enterprise. She is no more a suppressed and subordinate individual. She is empowered and evolves into being a complete personality capable of becoming a leader and an agent of social change.

Empower women to realize their full potential so that they effectively contribute to the family’s growth and the well-being of the community.


It is the fundamental belief of the Society that in terms of the contribution to the family in particular and the economy in general, women are equal partners. To play this role, the woman needs to be empowered with the acquisition of a skill that can enable her to earn a respectable wage, family revolves around the woman, it is critical that she is provided with a very supportive working environment where she will be happy, enjoy the support of friends and receive a fair wage. Fair Trade practices need to be always followed. Apart from finding joy and fulfillment in her work, her working hours must provide the flexibility necessary to help her discharge her role as a caretaker of the family, mother, wife and a responsible member of the community. The culture takes care of not only the aged in the family, but also of the animals and household. The working environment should therefore accept these cultural norms in designing the work opportunity for her. The discipline of creating and fashioning a product that would answer the rigorous demands of the customer needs to be understood. This is the basis of the entire effort and products will not be saleable unless the worker takes pride in the exquisite quality of her workmanship.it is the evolution of the craft and its contemporary character that can maintain the interest of the market and therefore constant innovation needs to be cultivated. She need to realize that she cannot merely receive charity but needs to do the work in order to earn it. To become successful in her enterprise, the woman needs to become skidded in the various aspects of her craft, she also needs to be proficient in production, purchase planning, marketing and customer care. Handling of electronic media and accounting are the other essential skills. The society will eventually want to remove all of the props of organizational, management and marketing inputs that are presently provided to the SHGs. These groups should in course of time, able and among themselves. The society would like to assist this process of development to the extent necessary. The training to develop the skill set  that is thus being attempted, is related both to the craft practiced and the arts of managing the enterprise.

We at PSSS aim to:

  •  Train every woman into acquiring exceptional skill in the chosen craft.
  • Use Self Help Groups to help cultivate in them the art of managing an enterprise. Also help the women use the electronic media to plan, purchase, produce, market and pursue customer care.
  • Provide design inputs to to help the product retain customer appeal and sustain the interest of the market.
  • Inculcate the culture of never compromising with either the welfare of the women or their responsibility to their clients.