Starting 31 Mar 2020 - Closing 01 Jan 1970

Rs. 2,107/-
A healthy woman is a happy woman. A happy woman is a Productive woman.

After many years of our persistent effort, we succeeded in commencing a programme for providing lunch to the women of Purkal Stree Shakti. A donation became available to construct a kitchen and equip it. Having completed this first step we needed to find money for sustaining the project from month to month. Some friends of Purkal came forward with donations , periodically.

Purkal Stree Shakti SamitiĀ  Nutritions.

We have observed that our women are more healthy, fall sick less and are regular in their attendance as a result they have better incomes. This is all due to the balanced diet that we try to provide them. This balanced diet includes rice, a cooked vegetable of the season, Dhal and salad.