Transport Facility

Starting 31 Mar 2020 - Closing 01 Jan 1970

Rs. 20,500

Transport facility to the woman center clears their road to progress.

With the generosity of a donor we have been able to purchase a Tata Bus to help women commute to the work place. This was a very important addition to our programme as we try to reach out to the neediest women in the community and those who desperately need support due to their family and other problems. We have over 175 women working with this society at present ( about 150 of them at Purkal) and 80% of them use the bus facility to come to the workplace. Every evening this bus takes them back to their respective homes and villages.

This is a major convenience as it reduces the time consumed by the women getting to the work place after finishing their daily house hold routine work. More women now want to participate in the project as they see an employment opportunity and a sense of becoming self-dependent.

As the aim of PSSS was to the women economically independent which will earn them the respect of their family members, we started this as a welfare measure, giving them free transport to the centre. This encouraged the women to come to the centres in the first place to learn the craft, without worrying about spending from their pockets. At our outreach centre in Jharipani, we help the women from nearby villages travel by paying them for the use of public transport. We reimburse cost of such transport.

By donating for their transport you will support a woman to learn a craft and earn a living.

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You can donate

800 /- INR for the transport cost of one woman for a month

2500 /- INR for the transport cost of all the women for a day

4000 /- INR for the transport cost of 5 women for a month

9500 /- INR for the transport cost of a woman for a year