Training And Skill Development

Training has always been a integral part of the Stree Shakti Programme. This year it      had a further boost when we opened a new women’s center at Jharipani. Situated at a height of about 13590 meters above sea level on the way to Mussorrie, this village is a holiday resort. While most of the men work as cooks, caretakers, electricians and plumbers in the hotels, the women desperately needed some project that would help them earn. With the generous donations received form the Hans Foundation, this project was started in September 2014. Poonam Mamgain and Sushma Negi were appointed as their trainers. They followed the training manual prepared by us and the training started   in earnest from November 2014. About 30 women joined the programme.

We understand the importance of up gradation of the existing skill of the women. We are extremely grateful to Shri Pramod Athalye, a renowned expert in the field, for introducing the Training within Industry (TWI) model in our center. This is a systematic method of upgrading the skills of workers aiming at perfect finish with good speed of production. Our trainers are now trying to implement TWI for every new product introduced.

25 new women will be inducted into Purkal Stree Shakti at the beginning of the coming year. For their training Exim Bank has come forward to fund the expenses.