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Patching Lives, Quilting Joys


All our designs are thoughtful, feel-good, joyful, and quirky! We draw inspiration from nature, flowers, birds, countryside, and all things whimsical! The quilts are our canvas and from patchwork to applique ones, we use our imagination and dab it all with bright and fun colors to whip up the lovely products made at Purkal. Each of our designs has a story and a cute name to it.

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About Our Leather


The process of handcrafting a quilt starts in the head of our designers who carefully marry a colorful palette with intricate illustrations. All pieces are then put together like a jigsaw in a ceremony that spans more than 2 weeks, or 120+ hours of dedicated effort.

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Quilting Craftsmenship

All Purkal products are handcrafted with love by our artisan partners. Each artisan has their own style of finesse in their craft and this makes all our quilts unique. Our artisans finish the process by embroidering their names on the back of the quilt with pride. It is a key ingredient in the quilt making process at Purkal and honors the tradition of an artist signing their name on their artwork. If you own a Purkal quilt, you would know who has hand-sewn it for you.



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