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13 Sep
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Where Quality Control is a way of life.

Radha Paswan is petite and has an infectious smile that lights up her dark eyes. It’s these very eyes that
are eagle like when she goes through each and every item that is produced in Stree Shakti as their Quality
Controller. She is meticulous and thorough. “Our work carries our name and if we are shoddy we lose
customers and their trust. We never compromise on our product and its quality.”

Married just after her class 12, Radha and her electrician husband raised a family of two children when
she realised she needed to work to supplement her husband’s income to realise their aspirations for their
children. That was when she met Balwinder, a soft speaking woman who lived in Rajpur close to her
home and was raising a group of women who could learn the craft of quilting and get paid for it. Radha
volunteered and along with ten other women she took a school bus every day to Purkul Youth
Development Society (PYDS), where along with other women she was taught by Chinni Swami, the meticulous art of quilting.

While in school as a hobby Radha had joined stitching classes, now she realised the importance of
finishing. Her penchant for clean and meticulous stitching and hand work soon made her get more
responsibility. Within a year she was one of the few doing the first pioneering samples for new designs
and monitoring other people’s work. Under Chinni she learnt the importance of finishing and now works
as a quality controller. Every product passes through her hands.

‘Unlike machine made products which are junked if the finishing is not proper we cannot do the same.
Everything of ours is hand made so if there is a problem with finishing and stitching I point it to the
person who has made it. Initially I used to hear a lot of whining, like this is the best I can do. So I learnt to
say your best is not good enough and showed them how to better it. Now as we all know how important
marketing is we understand the importance of good finished products. Unless we give our best we cannot
expect the customer to pick it up or come back again. ‘

Today it is such eye for detail and meticulous execution that has made Purkul a hall mark product.

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